Ve'kyna Archila (Chief Huntress)

Alovasuri Archila (Cavalry Leader)

Primus Athelfi (First Sister)

Faela was born to a Celtic warlord in Gaul, her mother was a Celtic Amazon, she was taken to be a slave to the warlord. After Faela's birth the warlord realized that his slave would now have an even better reason to escape, so that the girl would live as an Amazon and taste freedom as her mother once did.

Faela's mother Shatana, however, never attempted to escape until Faela was eleven.

During her years in the warlords camp, Faela saw every cruel and malicious act that human beings could do to one another. She hated the warlord for what he had done to the free people of Gaul and for eleven years trained in secret with her mother for the day when freedom would take them way, lifting them upon its back and carrying them back to there sisters. 

Eleven years was along time to wait, but Faela had patience that was unheard of in Amazons, she spent most of her time, when she wasn't doing chores or training, in the stables. She felt a connection with horses, the way they ran free and as fast as the wind. Faela found one day, when she was in the breaking ring with an untrained horse that she could communicate with them, in a special kind of way. If she sang or whistled the right tune, the horse would do whatever she commanded, this gift came in handy whenever the army would mount up for an attack on a village. Faela would sneak out of her tent and sing to the horses, they would rear up, buck and kick until the warriors couldn't control them and had to wait for them to settle down.

At eleven the chance for escape finally came to Faela and her mother, The warlord had to leave the camp for a special negotiation with a village there tent was left unguarded and unwatched. Faela and her mother snuck out of there tent and made for the forest, unfortunately the Warlord was on his way back and his men caught Faela's mother. Faela hid in the forest until night fall and back to the outskirts of the camp, from there she could hear her mother screaming and see the flames. They had burnt Shatana at the stake.

Faela took off, back into the forest and spent the next year, heading south, into Roman territory. She was caught and beaten at one stage by a towns priest for not obeying the towns Law and paying money to the temple. Faela fled Rome and headed east, towards Greece.

When she was sixteen she met two Amazon warriors, Tekla and Shavadi. Both were traveling back to there home lands after being separated from there tribe. They were 25 and 22, but neither of them shunned the young girl, they took her under there wing, and taught her everything they new. Because of there teaching Faela grew into a proud warrior, but she yearned for a home and a place to call here own. She said good bye to her friends and began her search for a tribe of Amazons who she could call sisters. She stumbled by accident into the forest of your people and hopes to join your tribe.

Faela is 6 foot 3'' tall, with Short dark blood red hair and Emerald green eyes. She speaks with a slight accent due to the fact that as a child she and her mother would only talk Celtic to each other. Faela has never sworn any allegiance to any god or goddess, she has her own belief in a goddess who to many is similar to Artemis. Her animal totem would be the horse and the panther. She carries all kinds of weapons and is a master at any weapon she touches, she can quite literally hear the wind, earth and trees speaking to her, she has a tattoo on her back, its of Celtic design, with many swirls and knot work. Faela wears clothes that are practical and good for battle.

Faela is loyal, trust worthy, friendly and open to advice, she does have an extremely bad temper, but has learned to keep it under control. She is the kind of warrior you wont watching your back in a fight, she keeps her promises and never says anything she doesn't mean.

Faela has a wolf pup named Quillian who has grown up in the Amazon tribe. Her preferred weapons are the bow, the crossbow and the sword. Her hutmate is Deirdre. She has two horses, a mare named Nightmare and a mare named Darkfire. She speaks Latin and Gaelic and knows a smattering of Greek, Norse and Chin.

Tae'Nah athelfi arche: 19 August 2002



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