Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Themiscryan Amazon Tribe! Please take the time to read everything on this page so you understand what you're getting yourself into before you send an application to join.

There is no cost to be a member of Themiscrya. We do accept donations from our members to keep our website and forums ad-free.

How to Join - Rules for Participation - After Applying

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More Information:

Training Ground - Information on how things work once you join.

Sample Forum Post - See what really goes on!

Ria Istoria - Read our scrolls!


Themiscrya is a community posting environment. We want to be sure you understand that anything you write here with us becomes the property of Themiscrya as a whole, forever. When you join and then post, you are giving us permission to use, change, and display that work as Themiscryan work.

While our forums are private, our archives are public so we can share with the universe at large our community and how it works. Posting at Themiscrya means you give us the right to post your work publicly. You will always be credited as your chosen character name for any work we display publicly.

Please look around the entire site before you ask to join the tribe. Pay special attention to the Training Ground page, as it contains most of what you can and can't do here. You should also take a look at our archives at Ria Istoria. You'll find your soon-to-be Amazon Sisters at the Roster page.

Rules for Joining

1) To join, you must be female. Themiscrya is an all-female tribe. We currently do not have plans for males to join the tribe. Our community is not only about writing and having fun, but about female empowerment. Our intent is to provide an environment where we can role-play Amazonian stories and discuss feminine subjects without reproach.

2) To join, you must provide an email address in the application. The email you list must work. Once you receive a reply, you must reply to that email before you can be accepted.

3) To join, you must be 16 (sixteen) years of age or older. We apologize if this offends anybody, but some of the topics are of a sensitive and adult nature. Please specify your age when you send your application to join. Don't lie about your age, as it discredits your honor. Lying about your age can result in your expulsion from the tribe.

Rules for Participation

There are now 2 ways to be an Amazon. You may be a Role-Player, or you may be a Chat-member. Each has different requirements, so please read carefully before you choose. Non-participation limits have also changed.

Basic Amazon Rules (All Members)

1) You must behave with honor toward yourself, other Amazons, and Themiscyra.

In Themiscrya, your word is your bond. Amazons caught lying, cheating or acting in a manner unbecoming an Amazon will be subject to Amazon law. This could result in your expulsion from our tribe. 

Banishing behavior includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Insulting or behaving badly toward yourself or other Amazons.
  • Lying about being female.
  • Lying about your age.
  • Attempting to change Themiscyra without approval from the Queen or council (we are not a democracy).
  • Pretending to be more than one Amazon (you are one person only here, your true self).
  • Giving out Themiscyra site/account passwords (only the Queen may do so).

2) You must have a valid e-mail address. Once you are a member, you will receive a monthly newsletter, so please use the best email address when you sign up for our forums. This is the only way you will be notified of password changes and other important news and information, so it is critical that your email address is valid.

3) You must read, understand, and follow the rules. Do not be afraid to ask questions. The stupid question is the one that goes unasked. You will never be penalized for asking a question in the forums or via email to any Amazon.

RPF Amazon Rules

These are the rules for Amazons who wish to participate in the role-playing writing forum. These are participation rules only. Rules of conduct can be found on the Training Ground page.

Themiscyra considers "Tavita Istoria" and "Nok'tana Istoria" as Role-Playing forums and everything else as a Chat forum. You will find there are plenty of places to post.

1) Participation in the RPF consists of 1 post in a role-playing forum and 1 post in a chat forum per month. You must not only help us write our story, but you must be part of the community. We aren't about writing and we aren't about chatting - we about being a strong Amazon nation and empowering ourselves to the greatness that we can be.

2) Members of RPF may move to the Chat level any time they choose, but may only return to RPF play 3x per year (a year is defined as January to December). This means if you find you would rather talk to Amazons than write a story with them, you can do so at any time. It also allows for you and your muse to take a break, refresh yourselves, and return at a later time.

3) You are afforded one warning (one month) of not meeting the posting requirements. Failure to meet the requirements the month following a missed month with AUTOMATICALLY move the Amazon to Chat level participation.

4) Amazons may go on LOA (Leave of Absence) by email to the Latra. Please see more information below about LOA.

Chat Amazon Rules

1) Participation in the Chat consists of 3 posts in any chat-based or creative-writing forum. This is all you need to do to stay active - talk to your sister Amazons. Topics at Themiscyra can be varied and numerous. Respect the opinions of others and do not attack the person, but the subject at hand. Posts that do not respect other Amazons will be removed without warning.

2) Members of the Chat group can move to the RPF at any time, but only 3x a year total (a year is defined as January to December). This means that if you become comfortable and want to join the overall single story of Themiscyra, you can do so. In addition, members are allowed to send single posts to the Latra to post in the RPF should they wish to join the story for a moment but don't want full participation.

3) Members are NOT required to create an Amazon character. You can if you so desire and you will be afforded a page on the Amazon Roster like everyone else. Your character may be used as an NPC within the story and you will be able to dictate what should happen.

4) Members should still have an avatar, which is a picture to represent themselves in the forum. This will help other members 'put a face' to the person behind the posts. It helps to personalize you. You can choose a picture of yourself or a representative picture as long as you have permission to use and post such a picture.

5) You are afforded one warning (one month) of not meeting the posting requirements. Failure to meet the requirements following a missed month will AUTOMATICALLY move the Amazon to the LOA level of participation.

6) Amazons may go on LOA (Leave of Absence) by sending an e-mail request to the Latra. Please see more information below about LOA.


All Amazons may go on LOA (Leave of Absence) by email to the Latra. 

1) You will be returned to your same group when you come back. 

2) There are no posting requirements while you are on LOA. Amazon characters will be put into NPC status and may be moved around within the RPF. Members can dictate to the Latra what should happen with their character and story. Amazon characters will be used with respect and courtesy and remain true to their natures and the storyline they were involved in.  

3) LOA will be granted for 3 months. After 3 months a warning will be sent. Failure to respond the month after the warning will move the Amazon automatically to RETIRED level. Exceptions are made for prior arrangements made with the Latra. We don't want you gone for too long, and will question you if your absence is more than three months long without satisfactory explanation.

If you choose, or are asked, (or are retired automatically for non-participation), we will do our best to follow your wishes regarding the handling of your character.  If you choose to take your character with you, we will do our utmost to give you whatever exit you envision for your character. If you choose to leave your character with us (or are retired automatically for non-participation), we will continue to treat your character with the respect it deserves. Any non-player-character you created will revert to the tribe as a whole.

You are creatively entitled to your character and her history. However, any stories you created while in Themiscyra will remain Themiscryan property. They were built for and with others, and are not solely your own anymore. See the disclaimer at the top of this page for more information.

Joining the Tribe

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Themiscrya Amazon Tribe!

Please answer the questions in pink. You can use the suggestions in white to share a little detail with us. You do not need to answer every question, of course. But the more we know, the quicker a decision can be made about your application!

To join our Tribe, please email your answers to all of the following questions:

  • Required - Are you a woman? Members must be female!

  • Required - What is your real age? Members must be 16 or older!
  • Required - A valid email address. Members must have a valid email!
  • Required - You must sign the Themiscyra guest map. This is a very simple thing and just shows us where you live. We like to know where everyone is from!
  • Required - Which group would you like to join? RPF or Chat! Remember you can change later if you would like.
  • Required for RPF - A small sample of your writing. Show us something small, but enough to let us know that you want to write with us. Do NOT use texting shortcuts! 

The rest of the questions are not required, but can go a long way to getting your application approved quickly. The more information now, the better!

  • Do you have an Amazon name yet? Please tell us if you need time to think of an Amazon name. You are NOT required to have one at this time. All members, regardless of group, should have an Amazon name.
  • Why do you want to join? When did you first become interested in Amazons? Reading about Amazons? Watching Xena, Warrior Princess? Role Playing games? History itself? Do you just like to write? Just looking for a community of strong women?
  • Do you consider yourself an Amazon? What about Amazons interests you? When did you start learning about them? What do you think makes a good Amazon?
  • Have you explored our website, the areas that you can access? Did you visit the Training Ground or Ria Istoria? What did you like about the site? What did you think could be improved? What impressed you the most? What didn't? Who are you looking forward to getting to know?
  • How did you find out about Themiscyra? Did someone tell you about us? Do you know a current member? Did you follow a link from another website? Were you just surfing?
  • Who am I? Tell us about where you're from, your family, your friends or any other kind of personal information that you'd be comfortable sharing. We like to know who we're talking to!

If you have already created a name and biography of your Amazon character, you can include it. However, it is NOT required at this time. We will help you create your Amazon persona once your application is approved.

When submitting your application, please use correct grammar and spelling. A sloppy application with internet shortcuts doesn't show us you can write. Please, put your best foot forward!

Send your join request to: Queen Deoris

Are you a retired Amazon? You can reapply! 

  • Required - You must still answer all the required questions above. 
  • Required - Tell us why you want to return. What makes now better for you than before?
  • Required - You must tell us your former name. You will still be role-playing this character. If that character doesn't suit you anymore, you may explain why you wish to play a 'fresh' character.
  • Required - Which group would you like to join? RPF or Chat! Remember you can change later if you would like.

    (Banned Amazons may never return to the tribe.)

After Applying

Our Latra (Queen) Deoris will contact you. She may ask for more information or a sample of your writing. She may simply inform you that you have been approved to join the tribe. This is the first step on your journey to our tribe.

Our Primus Orisate (First Welcome), will be in touch with you once you have been accepted to the tribe. She will assist you with anything regarding the beginnings of your Amazon character.

Name: You will need to choose an Amazon name for yourself. Please DO NOT choose a name from the show (i.e. Gabrielle, Velasca, Ephiny, etc.). Or any famous historical name. THESE NAMES ARE INSTANTLY REFUSED! There are ideas on choosing names at the Training Ground.

Biography: You will need to create a biography for yourself, a history of your life before Themiscyra, or your life in Themiscyra if you choose to have been born among us. You can be anything you like, but it is subject to approval by the Delu Abacha (the High Council). 

Please be as creative as you can be. Be original! Choose something new, different, and unique for yourself. Be normal, but be fabulous!

Family relationships and other ties to Zeus, Ares, Artemis, Xena and Gabrielle, Hercules and Iolaus and any other Xena character, God or Goddess, or anyone of an important historical nature could be denied. We're not trying to stifle your creativity, we're encouraging it by asking you to think uniquely.

More information on what will happen can be found at the Training Ground!

Once everything is ready, the Latra will contact you with your access to our private, protected areas. You will be able to join the forums at that time. Your biography will go up on the site and you will be announced to the tribe in the Tamboo (party) forum. Our Amazons LOVE new members, and will dance around you, talk to you, read your biography, and coo over your portrait. Don't be afraid! We're just happy to have you along.

Thank you for your interest in Themiscrya!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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