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Themiscrya Sister's Sites

Amazons of Aegae - Kiarna's Yahoo RP

Amazon Way - Deoris' Amazon Page

An Unpredictable Situation - Leonie

Artemis Potnia Theron - Rowana

Cove of a Random Goddess - Latrina

Darkened Gaze - Etelka's Blog

Kou Wainohia's Wet Spot - Kou

Lithiel on Deviant art - Chou's Art

Meghan Arbital - Thalia's Art



Amazon Sites

Includes RPG & Forum Sites

(RP) = Role Playing Site

(YG) = Yahoo Group Forum

Amazons of Aegae (YG RP)

Amazon Dawn (RP)

Amazon Ecstasy

Amazon Legend (YG RP)

Amazonia RPG (RP)

Amazon Nation, The

Amazons of Shadow (YG RP)

Amazon Studies (YG)

Amazons Unite

Amazon Xociety, The

Amazonu Ilensaryae - Moon Dawn Amazons

Ashquar Legends

Chertomlyck Amazons (YG RP)

Ixinos: Island of Amazons (RP)

Loki's Lost Ones (YG RP) (INACTIVE)

Pan Amazonia Yahoo Group (YG) (INACTIVE)

Realm of the Amazons (YG)

Silver Moon Amazons (YG)

Pan Amazonia (YG) (INACTIVE)


Xena Sites

AmazonBon's Xena Realm

Angel Bacchae's Website

Ashera's Archive

Logomancy: Xena Gallery

Michelle's Xena Library

New Xenaland

Official Xena Fan Club

Tom's Xena Page


Xena Artists Collective

Xena Online Community

Xena Online Resources

XWP: Writing and Roleplay

xena fan films banner


Actor / Character Sites

Lucy Lawless - Xena

Juicy Flawless

Lucy on IMDB 

Renee O'Connor - Gabrielle

Renee on IMDB 

Adrienne Wilkinson - Livia / Eve

Adrienne on IMDB

Adrienne Wilkinson.Com 

Adrienne on MySpace

Adrienne on Facebook 


Ancient History

Includes Amazon, Greek, Roman, Women, Pirates

All About Turkey: Anatolia Amazons

Amazon Connection, The

Ancient Worlds

Brave Women Warriors of Greek Myth: An Amazon Roster (Whoosh!)

Classics Technology Center

Catholic Encyclopedia - Themiscyra

Classics Unveiled

De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBR) Resource Page - Amazons, The

Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World

Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide (Suggested by Tessie H.- Thank you!)

Greek Mythology: Greek Gods and Goddesses on Tarot Cards (Suggested by Ava B.- Thank you!)

Internet Women's History Sourcebook

Johnston's Private Life of the Romans

LitCharts - Mythology Literature: Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Mythology

Midwives and Maternity Care in the Roman World

Mysteries of Ancient History and Archaeology - The Amazons



Primitive Ways

Pygmalion Project - Amazons

Roman Army in the Late Republic and Early Empire

Roman Army Page

Roman Empire

Roman Naming Convention (names)

Roman Nomenclature (names)

Torrey Philemon's Muses

Unyezile (Turkish areas explained.)

War and Gender: Amazon Women

Women in Greek Mythology

Women of Rome


Portrait Sites

Amazon Image Gallery


Women of Fantasy

*Please be sure the images are not copyrighted, or are available for not-for-profit use. If uncertain, please check with Deoris, who has a partial list of these names.


Other Sites of Note

20000 Names

Help Save The Wolves

Toasted Cheese (A writing community & Ezine)

Witches' Voice


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